Event: Annual cocktail of the association – 8 June 2016

Dear friends and members of the Henri Capitant Association, we are delighted to invite you on Wednesday, 8th, June at 6:30pm for a Cocktail organized by Henri Capitant Cambodia Association at the French Institute of Cambodia. We rely on you and hope to see you there. Sincerely, Henri Capitant Cambodia Association’s Team

Conference: “The Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia, 20 years after its implementation”, by Hisham Mousar – 10 May 2016

To reach the Paris Peace Accords (October 23, 1991), harsh negociations took place between the diverse political movements, leading to a «constitutional syncretism». The inevitable vagueness – not to say limpness – of the resulting constitutional text paradoxically enabled it to survive the political crisis that shook the country. Western in its design, it is the fundamental written source of all Cambodian Law. It is a modern constitution that also keeps alive the traditional and century-long Khmer customs.