Cambodia face to face with the Challenges of Global Air Law

What is it exactly?

While aeronautical technology has grown considerably over the past century, the issue of airspace protection remains the focus of attention in contemporary air law and, in the face of globalization and intensification of air traffic, The stakes of state sovereignty over its airspace and the freedoms of air transportation, which is a leading economic activity today.

Thus, like the land and maritime borders, the sovereign State in its airspace (sovereignty within the limits of the land territory and the territorial sea) must also protect this invisible border and ensure the safety of the goods and persons overflown.

It is therefore a cross-disciplinary discipline, which falls under both international and domestic law, public law and private law, and in which the economy is omnipresent.

Hence, this initiative of Henri Capitant Cambodia to highlight the challenges of the global air law against which Cambodia is betting to overcome.

 To know more about that

Come meet , on Tuesday 27 June 2017, from 6.30 pm at the Cinema Hall of the French Institute of Cambodia, our Friend Mr. Sunday SEN, Expert and international air transport professional more than 15 years, member of the National Commission of Safety and Security of Cambodian Civil Aviation in the Council of Ministers. Founding Member and Treasurer of Henri Capitant Cambodia, who will moderate this conference.

Come and bring all !


The team of Henri Capitant Cambodia.