Legal Expertise

A recognized expertise

The Association offers a strong legal expertise and is a partner of choice.

Established in the Cambodian legal and judicial landscape, the Association has a strong legal expertise with a wide range of recognized experts in Cambodia, France but also all over the world thanks to its privileged network of lawyers who received training of civil law.

Association Henri Capitant Cambodia legal expertise comes from experiences of working in Cambodia, the Association masters the Cambodian legal environment and the current issues. A part of its members was trained in France and have participated to important legal reforms. They benefit of a dual Cambodian and Western culture and also of a civil law and common law culture.

An action based on three pillars

Association Henri Capitant Cambodia  leads various types of activities with always the same aim to promote, distribute, modernize and harmonize Cambodian law.

The Association does so through the following lines:

  • Access to justice and reform of the Cambodian legal and judicial system (contribution to better understanding of a coherent law, clear and modern); 
  • Organization and participation in seminars, conferences and trainings (contribution to living the academic discussion); 
  • Writing books and legal articles (contribute to the writing of academic knowledge).

A variety of activities

In 2016, its activities are declined in different projects in the following list:

  • Legicambodia: Publication of the first legal database in Cambodia with public access, on the model of Légifrance, through a collaborative working platform;
  • Writing a manual on contract farming in Cambodia in partnership with the Supreme National Economic Council (SNEC) in Cambodia;
  • Annotation and French translation of the new Cambodian Civil Code (in force since 2011);
  • Organization of training courses on the Rule of Law and Justice in Cambodia (under the provisions of the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure, deontology);
  • Writing a book presenting the entire Cambodian law from the history of the Khmer law. It belongs to an international collection published by the French publisher Lextenso (2016);
  • Annotation of the new Cambodian Criminal Code (in force since 2009) on the basis of French jurisprudence, European Court of Human Rights and the Khmer Rouge Tribunal;
  • Developing partnerships with French scholars and professionals involved in the dual-degree programs in partnership with the French branch of the RULE.

Moreover, the association organizes several conferences all over the year:

  • Organizing conferences: Organization of an international conference attended by Michel Grimaldi, Honorary President of the Association Henri Capitant France in November 2016;
  • Cycle of conferences from May 2016 to the following topics:  The Constitution, 22 years after its adoption  Difficulties in implementing the Civil Code  Contract farming  International law and Cambodia.