Why becoming a partner?

Achieve a partnership with Henri Capitant Association in Cambodia gives many advantages:

  • An easy and immediate access to a worldwide network of Cambodian and international experts in more than 55 countries (jurists, lawyers, law professors, notaries, members of governments);
  • Communicate on your organization through the use of your logo and the mention “partner” during events and seminars organized by the Association;
  • Reference of the partner organization on our website, presentation materials, brochures, and in our annual newsletter with a description of the partner and its activities;
  • Preferred membership rates for the physical person composing the partner legal person;
  • Possibility to contribute to our annual newsletter which has a worldwide influence (for instance, article redacted by a lawyer of a law firm partner);
  • Possibility to implement a project or a publication in collaboration with the association with technical and/or financial support of the Henri Capitant Association in Cambodia;
  • Invitation to seminars, workshops and conferences organized by the Association;
  • Invitation to friendly meetings and cocktails of the Association;
  • Invitation to the General Assembly of the Association.