Winners of the Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers awards 2017

Mr Sok Siphana is one of the ten Asia-Pacific lawyers who stand out for their willingness to try fresh ideas.

The career of Mr Sok Siphana, the principal of Phnom Penh firm Sok Siphana & Associates, has spanned government, international development organisations, financial institutions and private practice.

Mr Sok was driven to help rebuild Cambodian society after two decades of civil war that had led to him becoming a refugee. He gained law qualifications in both the US and Australia but chose to return home when the conflict ended.

In 1999 he became a government vice-minister and steered the country towards membership of the World Trade Organisation. He also helped develop Cambodia’s legal system, compiling the country’s laws and regulations, and was the first secretary-general of the Cambodian bar association. He is dedicated to inspiring young Cambodians and empowering female entrepreneurs.

Mr Sok says he would like to reduce the influence of the international community in the Cambodian legal profession. He feels that while there has been a strong emphasis on human rights, the commercial practice areas of law also require attention to develop.

All the  Henri Capitant Cambodia’s members are delighted to congratulate him and to wish him the best!                                           

The Team of Henri Capitant Cambodia                                                                                                                                                Source: The Financial Times Limited 2017.