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Conference series 2019/2020 : Industry 4.0

As every year, the Association Henri Capitant Cambodge organizes a series of conferences on current themes. The theme for 2019/2020 was therefore Industry 4.0. On 31 October, the introductory conference-debate … Continue reading Conference series 2019/2020 : Industry 4.0

Education: Cambodian lawyers and student lawyers training courses – 23 to 26 December 2014

One of the main missions of Henri Capitant Association in Cambodia is to educate and train citizens to the Cambodian legal framework. As such, the association regularly organizes seminars, conferences and training courses dedicated to students and legal professionals. From 23 to 26 of December 2014, we have organized training for lawyers and student lawyers of the Kingdom Cambodia, in partnership with the Lyon Bar Association, the Cambodian Bar Association and the French Embassy in Cambodia.

Publication: Translation of the three fundamental laws called for judicial reform – December 2014

The Association Henri Capitant Cambodia has been nominated by the Cambodian Ministry of Justice to officially translate three key laws reforming respectively the status of magistrates, the judiciary organization and the functioning of the Higher Judicial Council. This mission demonstrates the confidence of the Cambodian institutions to the young Henri Capitant Association in Cambodia and suggests much fruitful collaboration.