Report of the Grand Gala of Solidarity “Legal@dinner” a success event

On Saturday, February the 4th of 2017, Grand Solidarity Gala co-organized by the Henri Capitant Association “Legal @ Dinner” was held in the premises of the Convention Center in Koh Pich, under the chair and presence of eminent Political, Legal, Institutional and Academic personalities, as well as the business community of Cambodia.


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This Grand Gala, co-organized by the Associations Henri Capitant Cambodia and Sala Traju, the law firms HBS Law and Sok Siphana & Associates, the notary offices Phnom Penh Notary Public and Sethavitou Notary Public and the N-Strat institutional Consultancy Firm, was aimed at raising funds for the realization of projects serving the community of Lawyers and the Law, such as:

· Bringing the legal database “Legicambodia” online;

· The award of university scholarships to young Cambodian students;

· The organization of in-service training for legal professionals.

During the evening, the participants encouraged and supported the younger generation of Cambodian lawyers by awarding the “Young Hope Award for Young and Talented Jurist” financed by the DFDL Consulting Firm and encouraged the young laureate Miss SIN Soromnear, a student of the Royal University of Law and Economics: “Hope” of Cambodia.

Thanks to this happy partnership between the co-organizers and the dynamism of the entire organizing team, the event which took place in a room as beautiful as it was bright, brought together more than 300 people and enabled the collection of the sum of USD 14, 749 USD thanks to the sale of tickets (8,900 USD), sponsors support (4,750 USD) and donations (1,099 USD) collected during the dinner.

It was also an opportunity for the participants to express and strengthen, through their speeches and exchanges, around well-stocked tables, their bond of solidarity and their commitment to promote and recognize of the Law in Cambodia. The organizers also had the opportunity to discuss the projects realized in 2016 and the upcoming actions for 2017 such as [Legicambodia legal database].

The Association Henri Capitant Cambodia at the same time, celebrated its third anniversary and had the honor of presenting its very first book, entitled “Law of Cambodia“, published by LGDJ Lextenso.

The evening jovially followed its course and ended under the beautiful Cambodian melodies and dances orchestrated for the occasion.

According to most of the feedbacks, this event was a success and all the participants are eagerly looking forward to the second edition.

Finally, the Association sincerely thanks the chairmen, sponsors, partners, donors and co-organizers of this event, which is part of the dynamic of promoting, disseminating, modernizing and harmonizing Cambodian law and demonstrates the protagonists of Cambodian Law’s desire to work along these lines.

Can’t wait for the second edition!


The team of Henri Capitant Cambodia.